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Top Ten Bible Verse Memory Games

Top Ten Bible Verse Memory Games

Our top ten bible verse memory games are all creative ways to introduce a new memory passage to your youth group, or to keep it fresh in the minds by playing a game with it.


Bop It

Each group member must recite a specific word of the bible verse when they are "bopped" on the head.
See instructions for this bible verse memory game »


Memory Verse Basketball

Kids score basketball goals to earn words so they can piece together the memory verse.
How to play »


Bible Rap-Off

Groups or individuals compete to create a memorable rap for a bible verse.
How to play Matthew Mark Luke John »


Bible Verse Pictograms

Children must re-create a bible verse using only pictures and icons.
See instructions for Bible Verse Pictogram »



A clever way to introduce a memory verse to kids who like a challenging puzzle to solve.
How to run Cryptograms »


Balloon Pop

Group members use pins or darts to pop balloons with each revealing a new word to help form the complete bible memory verse.
See instructions for this bible memory game »


Jigsaw Puzzle

Create a large jigsaw puzzle with the bible passage or verse on it and get kids to piece it all together as a race.
See instructions for this game »


Bible Drill

Quickest player to find a passage in the bible wins.
See instructions for this game »


Bible Quiz

Ask a selection of questions about a bible passage to challenge the comprehension and memory of your youth.
How to play bible quiz »

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