Biblical Detectives

An active, team-building, wide, memory game

How To Play Biblical Detectives

Materials Needed

bibles, envelopes, pens, paper

This kind of thing can be really fun if it is done properly and works out well.

Basically the idea is to create a scavenger hunt for the kids using words from the Bible to make up clues. ie. refer to each chapter / verse / word to make up a sentence - (NIV) Isaiah c12 v2 w 1 = "surely". So use a whole lot of those to make up a sentence, or clue, which leads the team to the location or area of the next clue.

So one clues leads to another which leads to another which eventually leads to the end. You can add in a lolly or prize at each clue to add some more excitement to the game.

Be very careful of which versions and translations of the Bible you use. The first, and only, time I have played this game was when I used the net version of NLT which was newer than the NLT bibles at my church. So most of the words were off so the sentences didn't make sense! Double check this, or the game will just be a whole lot of kids running around looking for needles in haystacks!

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on 21 October 2007


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I don't really understand this game. Can you give examples please ?

Posted by Tash 4 years ago

Its a wonderful idea. You can use the same idea, but mix the words from the different scriptures. they then need to find the different words from from the different scriptures, which are in its incorrect position. they must put it in the correct order to make up the right bible verse.

Posted by Sam 11 years ago

this was sooo much harder to make than I imagined...

Posted by Carrie 11 years ago

I used this with the Middle School youth group, and they all loved it and got really active with it. I actually divided up everyone into two groups {boys against girls}. ....the girls won! =)

Posted by EDGE 13 years ago

Thank you for this idea!
I'm going to use it for this summer's youth retreat!

Posted by ChoiLatte 14 years ago
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