Bible Rap-Off

A team-building, relaxed, duel, drama game

How To Play Bible Rap-Off

Materials Needed

bible and a whole lot of thinking!

Create two groups of as many as possible and give them a long bible verse each. Tell the two groups they have a couple of minutes to transform that verse into a quick rap. The best rap will win! You can have as many groups as you want.

It might be a good idea to have a backing track ready to go if teams would like to use it, otherwise they can get creative with making their own backing track or beat-boxing along.

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on 2 October 2010


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Wow! This is a great idea. I will try this for my youth ministry.If it's possible, send me more thru email.Thank you so much! God bless!

Posted by ailyn 5 years ago

Hmm.. Lets Try? Haha

Posted by _hahahaha 6 years ago

I have been looking for this type of game. Thank you so much for sharing. Please share more similar games.

Posted by Priscilla Holliday 6 years ago

This page is amazing, im a seventh day, and we love doing ay programs
If possible send some programs to my email
Thank you and god bless

Posted by Michael samu 6 years ago

Thanks for this, it would make fun for my youth ministry.

Posted by James Al 7 years ago

Well, the idea is very good and I love it so much. thanks

Posted by Prosper Selorm Lagudah 8 years ago

I'm doing this on Sabbath! I bet it will be great. I'm tweaking it by having an impartial judging panel up front.

Posted by Lester 8 years ago

I like this site for we are using some of the games for youth night at our job but just so you all are aware, there are many misspellings throughout this website. Please proof read so that people will continue to visit and appreciate the site.

Posted by 10 years ago

I like to see more biblical games that more fun

Posted by Lydia 10 years ago

Nice love it

Posted by 10 years ago

If anyone does this, please post videos on youtube!

Posted by Dan McClellan 10 years ago

i like this idea, its really good in the sense that we can share ideas of different activities that can help in building our youth spiritually

Posted by adrian 10 years ago

good games... i knw these will be of great benifit tomy youth group....

Posted by mealy 10 years ago

Interesting !i would love to know more games to bring our youths to grow their faith towards God through these activities.

Posted by K.Anna 10 years ago

i just looked this up brilliant for what i want to do..... For our worship jam night

Posted by schubie 11 years ago

Itz so much Fun

Posted by tAnyA 12 years ago

Haha this sounds awesome, using this idea this weekend for youth group!! God Bless and thanks for sharing your great ideas, STAY youth Chch NZ

Posted by STAY 12 years ago

Awesome idea! My name is JohnGinn and I am looking for more material for my youth groups. Please send me some more info to [email protected]. thank you and God bless!

Posted by John 12 years ago

hhehe! cool

Posted by Trizzo 12 years ago

Is it best to use a instrumental song in the background to help the students rap?

Posted by Natanium 12 years ago


Posted by leslie Alexander 13 years ago

this is a great game for the youth

Posted by lashauna Mclaughlin 13 years ago

they are good.send me some thru my email

Posted by pride 13 years ago
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