Nuke 'Em

An active, team-building, wide game for small groups

How To Play Nuke 'Em

Materials Needed

Ball (preferably a volleyball), People, a volleyball net, some sort of playing area

1. Create 2 teams.
2. Begin the game by throwing the ball over the net.
3. The goal of the game is to not let the ball touch the ground on your side of the net.
4. You may catch the ball and throw it back over the net.
5. You can't hold it for more than 3 seconds.
6. You may also pass to 1 teammate per "volley".
7. A player is out if they fail to catch the ball, throw the ball out of bounds or can't throw it over the net.
8. A player can reenter the game if a teammate catches the ball with one hand or a teammate throws an ace (when no one touches the ball and it hits the ground.
9. Variations of rules, gameplay, score and time can be made.

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