Blinded Volleyball

An active, team-building, sports game for junior youth

How To Play Blinded Volleyball

Materials Needed

Volleyball net or something to separate the teams. Black sheet or tarp of some sort and a volleyball.

Have your group split up into two teams and set up like they are going to play volleyball. Then take and set up the net and put the sheet over it so each team cannot see the other team and tell the kids to play volley ball. Pretty funny to see the reactions as the ball comes over the net. Also, you can have the kids stay on their knees or make them sit down to play. If inside you can use different types of balls like nerf stuff but I would not recommend balloons it does not move fast enough.

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on 25 February 2009


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Going to try this out at my youth group hopefully! will say how it went :D

Posted by Frazdawgg 12 years ago

Thats such a cool game! I think I might try it!

Posted by Meggie 13 years ago

this is great becaus them thing as the other team

Posted by rowell fortune 14 years ago

This is a great one, and it also works well for team building within the group.

Posted by Laura Piotrowski 14 years ago
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