Just Dance Live

An active, icebreaker, music game for large groups

How To Play Just Dance Live

Based on the game for Kinnect or Wii, this is a simple fun, high energy group game for your students. Think a little of "Follow the Leader" meets the dancing video game..LIVE! You can honestly play in anywhere or any time you just have to have some music and a few students. It is great for an up front challenge, a full group game, or simple a time killer as you wait to get started.

Have one person, leader or student stand up in front of the group to be the "dance avatar". Select 2-4 player or up to as many as you want to follow along. Put on a great dance song or beat and have your "avatar" bust out their best or craziest dance moves, while players try to follow along. The winner or winners, if you want to have one is the person/people who keep up the best with the "avatar".

If you are doing an up front version you can have the crowd vote or if you doing a bigger group version you can have adult leader walking around "tapping" people out to leave the dance floor, dance marathon-style.

Materials Needed

Music Player


Following, Leadership, Discipleship

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