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Tea Towel Face Off

Both teams line up sitting down facing away from each other. Everyone holds hands. At one end, the 2 players...

relaxed active no-prep indoors multiple-teams standard no-mess no-cost

Crab Balloon Soccer

Everyone gets in the crab position. Two chairs at either end of the hall with a person standing up...

relaxed active indoors multiple-teams quick some-mess under-20-dollars

In The River

All you need is a straight line - like a rope or a hose or a line on a...

junior duel relaxed active large-groups no-prep non-contact play-anywhere all-on-all quick no-mess no-cost

Steal The Keys

Put the keys in the metal bowl, and place it under the chair. Everyone makes a wide circle around...

small-groups junior relaxed active large-groups play-anywhere cooperative quick no-mess no-cost

Snowball Fight

This is a great fun get to know you game. It works well as an ice breaker game and...

small-groups icebreakers relaxed active large-groups play-anywhere all-on-all quick no-mess no-cost

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