Crab Balloon Soccer

An active relaxed game

How To Play Crab Balloon Soccer

Materials Needed

balloons, pins

Everyone gets in the crab position. Two chairs at either end of the hall with a person standing up on them. Team has to hit the balloon to their chair so the person can pop the balloon with a pin.

As players are moving around in the crab position, they must make sure they have three limbs on the ground at any time.

For extra fun - put a bit of water or cream in some of the balloons so when they pop the players will get wet or creamy!

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on 1 January 2007


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We started with 12 balloons per team and made it a "knockout" type game - the goal was to pop the other teams balloons. Helped everyone be engaged and included.

Lots of fun - thanks for the game.

Posted by Ronnie 4 years ago

Posted by Wrasses 10 years ago

This sounds awesome! I'm going to try it tonight with my jr. high kids!

Posted by Mark 13 years ago
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