Tea Towel Face Off

An active relaxed no prep game

How To Play Tea Towel Face Off

Materials Needed

Coin, Tea-towel

Both teams line up sitting down facing away from each other. Everyone holds hands.

At one end, the 2 players from either team line, face inwards and place their hands by their sides - ready to grab the tea-towel. A leader holds a tea-towel in between them.

At the other end, 2 players from either team are watching a leader flip a coin. If the coin lands on heads, the player must squeeze the next persons hand gently. This hand-squeezing continues down the line until the last person feels his/her hand being squeezed. This person then grabs the tea-towel before the other team does.

Points are gained for grabbing the tea-towel first on a "heads" round. If the tea-towel is grabbed on a "tails" round, then points are deducted.

Two teams line up either side. Look at flipped coin. If heads, squeeze hand chain reaction to end and person grabs tea-towel.


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on 1 January 2007


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I like trying this with everyone having a very small cup of water, and the first in line has to pour theirs into the next persons cup and so on until at the end they then throw whatever they have at the team/designated person from other team. Those who rush will lose water.
Or to keep adding it into a bowl, and when the water reaches a certain level, then it can be dumped on the other team

Posted by Troy 2 years ago

We do this with a water bottle instead of a tea towel. And who ever wins switches spots. So everyone get to be the coin person and the one to grab the tea towel. They rotate around and the first team to get the person who started back to the coin reader wins.

Posted by Joe 5 years ago

Great game. its a lot more fun when you have a big bowl of water at one end and soap in it. and everyones eyes are closed except for the people looking at the coin. messy though, but great fun!!

Posted by Sharon 9 years ago

This game is so much more fun with a big bowl of water and a soap. makes it a lot more fun, and messy. also everyones eyes should be closed except for the people who are looking at the coin. Great games, don't like the towel idea though.

Posted by Curly 9 years ago

Fantastic game :) we also make the losing team rotate backwards so it takes longer for them to go forwards :)

Posted by 9 years ago

stupid game but i ike cup of water idea!!!!!! :)

Posted by 10 years ago

i dont get it

Posted by 10 years ago

dont get it

Posted by kyra 11 years ago

Rotating through your whole team is the only way to keep it fair. Then when someone gives a false sqeeze there teem has to rotate back one chair. The first team to rotate through their whole team wins.

Posted by Jdog 12 years ago

This is a great game for a trustworthy group. The kids get really into it. It can get very competitive. It is also a good way to learn a memory verse. The losing team must say the verse in unity before you begin again.

Posted by AA 12 years ago

The cup of water is really good, but you can only really play this game with a group you can trust a little bit - since our youth group has grown we've had less success with this game because a lot of kids muck up and put "fake squeezes" through and ruin it for the rest of the kids. Fantastic when you have the right group though.

Posted by Jocelyn 12 years ago

wert yuo huil

Posted by qwer 12 years ago

Hmmm... I LIKE that idea with the cup of water!!! Seriously gonna use that when the weather is warmer in Australia.

Posted by Shorty 12 years ago

You can also play this with water, first person to feel their hand squeezed throws their cup of water at the other line. Has to be outside though, but great incentive to win :)

Posted by Sophie 12 years ago

great i did it with the egg very funny

Posted by astra boy 12 years ago

just as a little variation to this, i got the winning team of each round to rotate. first team with their original leader wins. fantastic game!

Posted by cam 13 years ago

Very funny if you do this outside with an egg instead of a teatowel...

Posted by Carla 13 years ago
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