Trash Can Game

An active circle game for junior youth and large groups

How To Play Trash Can Game

Materials Needed

A large empty trash can.

The whole group joins hands in a circle around the trash can. While holding hands, on the count of three each person goes around the trash can trying to pull one of the others into the trash can without hitting it themselves.

If anyone visibly bumps into the trash can, he or she is out and the circle rejoins hands on a count of three without that person. At anytime, if any two people in the group break holding hands while they are moving around the trash can, those two people are out.

You can also use this as a lesson of some times we get pulled into sin and the only true friend we can rely on to keep us out of sin is Jesus.


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on 20 April 2010


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This game is great
But use a chair. Much easier and safer.
The circle of participants should try to pull the strongest person in first to get this person eliminated. Yea, good luck.

Posted by Jim 4 years ago

this game was excellent. played with teens at an all girls camp - very fun!!!!

Posted by Sarah 5 years ago

My junior high kids LOVE this game. They ask every week if we can play the 'garbage can game.'

Posted by mitch 11 years ago
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