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Materials Needed


Place a chair in the middle of a room or playing area. The bigger the playing area is, the better, it's definitely best not to be confined to a small area.

Get the group to form a circle, by holding hands, around the chair. Then it's time to play.

The group needs to start moving around the chair without touching it. Each player has to aim to get the other players out by making them touch the chair - this can be done by pulling and pushing, but the circle chain can't be unlinked. If it is broken, the 2 players that broke are out.

This game, if played too roughly, can probably cause injuries. It's best to play it with a group that are all roughly of a similar age and size.


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on 7 November 2007


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we play this game at our youth group but we use a piece of carpet in the middle of the circle, so the aim is to try and pull/push the other people onto the carpet.
Same rules if the chain breaks you are out and if you touch the carpet you are out.

Posted by Maria 13 years ago

we stack milk crates up so they are above the heads of all the players. sometimes the youth run through it just for the sake of breaking the tower

Posted by tom 14 years ago

This game went really well

Posted by Cam 14 years ago

My youth group had the greatest time with this game awesome thanks

Posted by Ryan 14 years ago

We played the same game with a 1m pole and called it "Poison Pole" We also added a twist with putting the smaller players and girls amongst the larger and stronger ones. The stronger guys were partnered with the weaker player on his / her right and had to protect the weaker player and him / herself while trying to get the person on the left out.

Posted by Gerhard 14 years ago

My kids love this game. They want to play it every week! In stead of using a chair which can be quite dangerous, we draw a circle on the floor with chalk and they can't go in the circle. As the group circle gets smaller, the chalk circle gets smaller too.

Posted by Lou 14 years ago

totally cool...

Posted by aisyah nur khaliesha 14 years ago

Man this game goes back when i was a child and that was yonkes ago! 10years... best game ever but it is funner when it is carpet!

Posted by Jamie 14 years ago

I played this game with my youth, and we loved it. We had so much fun!!!

Posted by Linda 14 years ago

We have played this games before, it is quite a good laugh

Posted by Esther 15 years ago

Great Game Shorty, another variation is to put a garbage bin upside down in the middle with a bowl/ice-cream container full of water. When you knock the bin the water spills onto the person as well - maybe a good summer version. And of course the breaking the chain rules still apply

Posted by Tom 15 years ago

This game is great fun but we play with a long piece of tall PVC piping in the middle because it balances more tediously!

Posted by Catherine 15 years ago

Our youth plays a variation of this game, wher we put a broom stick on the chair and if you knock it off you are out.

Posted by Ashleigh 15 years ago
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