Poison Pole

An active game for large groups

How To Play Poison Pole

Materials Needed

Pole, stool

This is a simple and easy game that everyone in our youth loves!!

You have a pole (a broom will suffice) and you place the pole on a stool. Everyone needs to gather around the pole and hold hands.

The aim is to try and get OTHER people to knock the pole off the stool. You do that by pulling people around you and trying to have them hit the pole.

If a person knocks the pole off the stool, they are out
If two people let go of each other, they both are out unless one was about to hit the pole and panicked by letting go, then that person is out.


Added by
James M
on 7 April 2012


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Played this game at youth tonight, such a blast and they all got super in to it!

Posted by Jess 11 months ago

Sound pretty funny

Posted by meg 11 years ago

we play this with a trash can in the middle...if any one hits the trash can, they our out of the circle.

our kids love this game.

Posted by jarrad 11 years ago
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