Rock Paper Scissors

An active, team-building, camp game for large groups

How To Play Rock Paper Scissors

Materials Needed

something to make a line with (chalk, rope)

In the middle of the playing field set up 2 long lines with a bout 1 - 2 metres to divide them.

Get each team, as a group, to decide what move they are going to play - either paper, scissors or rock. The signals are as follows.

Rock: Arms crossed on chest, fists near opposite shoulders.

Scissors: Hands in scissor shape and pretending to cut forward.

Paper: Arms straight up in the air with palms flat out.

Once the team has decided what they are playing (withing the allocated time) they must line up on the line. When the leader says go, both teams must play their move. If their team has played a losing move (ie. scissors defeated by rock) then they must run back to the end of the playing field before the other team catches them. If a player is caught, they must switch teams.

If both teams play the same move (ie. rock and rock) then they must re-decide for the next round.

The team with no-one left loses!

Two teams stand facing each other bout 2 metres apart and then do predecided scissors paper rock then run accordingly.


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on 22 September 2007


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can you help me guys play rock paper scissors on a laptop

Posted by giselle.hagemrad 2 years ago

Awesome game. First round nobody moved for about 3 seconds until one realised and then chaos broke loose. One team had a few losses and when they finally won one, they still ran way, scissor ran away from paper.

Posted by Gerhard 14 years ago

We played this at our youth group last Friday night - and although we didn't have heaps of people (around 16 in total) it worked like a treat. Such a great game, involves running but also allows kids to think and joke around.

We found that both teams kept doing the same thing quite often so we made a new rule that your team needed to decide on a sequence of 3 signals so we wouldn't have to keep returning and redeciding.

Posted by Shorty 15 years ago
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