Rock Paper Scissors Evolution

An active, icebreaker, no prep game for large groups

How To Play Rock Paper Scissors Evolution

This game is a fantastic group mixer ice breaker activity.

Players must wander around the room and battle each other in Rock, Paper, Scissors. The winner evolves to the next stage and the loser stays as they are.

The stages are:
1. Egg - person holds both hands on top of their head so they look like an egg.
2. Chicken - make chicken sounds and flap your wings.
3. Dinosaur - act like a dinosaur (roar).
4. Gorilla - act like a monkey.
5. Human - wave and act like a human (say I'm a human).

The first player to win as a human wins the game.

Feel free to add in additional stages of evolution if you'd like to make it hard - just be creative.

You can also make it so the loser of a rock paper scissors match will devolve into the lower stage of evolution - this will make the game more challenging.




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on 12 October 2012


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i played it differently cause instead of gorilla we had unicorn and instead of human we had cool dude. after that we had the supreme being which had to sing the chorus of stop in the name of love with actions.😂

Posted by awesome 5 years ago

Did the students use Spanish in this game?

Posted by Star 5 years ago

my old church group still plays a game similar but we call it gorilla man gun. you get everybody to pair up with one person and stand back to back. then the leader says/sings/raps/whatever this the gorilla beats the man, the man beats the gun, the gun beats the gorilla if you tie you die 1, 2, 3. then everyone turns around and chooses gorilla man or gun. its really simple and fun for more of the middle school age kids when they are listening

Posted by hikerman 5 years ago

I played it with class

Posted by D 5 years ago

Add Super Human and Alien

Posted by londy 5 years ago

And there is was thinking Australians were educated and rational....

Posted by Dimitri Pition 6 years ago

I've used this game to help teach the butterfly life cycle and it works great!!

Posted by Ann 6 years ago

Instead of the evolution from eggs to humans it could be the growth of the human from baby, toddler, child, pre-teen, teen, adult and have a motion or action that they do for each. Baby's (pretend to) suck their thumb, toddlers wobble as they walk, kids run around yelling (ha), preteens say "cool" phrases, teens act like they are texting on their phones...

Posted by Beth Caudle 6 years ago

Although I do not discount the posibility of devine creation, there are TONS of evidence supporting Evolution. (which also does not discount the existance of god)

example of evidence:
- DNA sequences
- Fossil record
- Plate tectonics
- many others

Posted by Liz Arrowsmith is mistaken 7 years ago

It's a very nice game!
But there's a little thing which is actually wrong: chickens evolved from dinosaurs and not the other way round. So I'll change it when I play it.

Posted by Y 7 years ago

There is not one single piece of evidence that anything ever has or is evolving.
It is a scientific fact that you can not get life from non-life.
Our genetic make-up is incredibly complex and when our genes mutate, we don't change into other animals!
The evidence is overwhelming to support that animals are created and human beings are wonderfully created in the image of our creator - God.

Posted by Liz Arrowsmith 7 years ago

BOOOO evolution. (lol)

But in any case, I've played this game with like 80+ kids and it's amazing. We did the progression of a chicken though, from egg (squatting down) to chick (on knees) to chicken (standing up) to ultraman (standing up with hands in ultraman pose). Because that is obviously the natural growth stage of a chicken.

Posted by Caleb 7 years ago
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