Musical Statues

An active, icebreaker, duel, music game

Also known as: Dance and Stop

How To Play Musical Statues

Materials Needed

Music player, music

I usually call this game dance and stop, because then the rules are even easier to explain.

Play music, stop the music. When the music stops, everyone has to freeze. If you see someone moving - they're out.

I also like to make sure people get into the dancing, so if they don't dance enough I eliminate them anyway!

Last one in wins!


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on 3 October 2007


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This is just freeze dance...

Posted by Emilie 11 years ago


Posted by SOLOMON 13 years ago

Great game for a large group, and getting them out of their comfort zone!

Posted by Sorelyss McGinty 13 years ago

Awesome game! It'll be hilarious I'm sure, Thanks!

Posted by Seaton 13 years ago

this game sounds awsome and hilarious cant wait to try it out!!!!!

Posted by hannah 14 years ago

this looks fun! thanx for the tips!!!

Posted by Mickey Mouse 14 years ago
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