Musical Chairs

A relaxed, music, circle game for junior youth

How To Play Musical Chairs

Materials Needed

chairs, music player

A timeless classic kids party game! Set up some chairs in a circle (always make sure there is 1 less chair than there are players). Crank the music and get the kids to run (or dance) around the circle of chairs... when the music stops all the kids have to sit down on a chair as quickly as possible. The player who misses out on a seat is out. Don't forget to take 1 or 2 chairs out after each round!


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on 19 May 2008


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We do double up. 2 players linked together or even as a 3 legged race. Both have to sit down on 2 chairs side by side.

Posted by Gerhard 14 years ago

We play X-treme musical chairs, setting the chairs up randomly all over the place up one end of the hall, then making the youth dance/jump around up the other end. When the music stops its a mad sprint to the chairs!

Posted by Alyce 14 years ago
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