Giant Bowling

An active, duel, sports game for large groups

How To Play Giant Bowling

Materials Needed

giant exercise ball, skittles / bowling pins

This is a simple game, but can be great fun for a mini-olympics style event.

Basically, set up a giant size bowling alley in a large area - it could be anywhere! We use our carpark and draw lines using chalk to mark out the allery.

Each player from the team gets chance to bowl the ball down the alley and knock over as many pins as possible.

To add in some extra challenge-ness to the game, players can line up down the sides of the alley and are allowed to kick or push the ball if it comes near them. However, it might be a good idea to limit the number of times they can do this (ie 1 or 2) and make sure they can only do it in one direction (ie forwards).


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on 24 October 2007


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So, I'm in youth group, going into 8th grade, and I think the chair idea is awesome! Just the thought of being pushed on a chair, it's an awesome thought!

Posted by Brianna 11 years ago

i know right cracked some one in the face hahahaha lol

Posted by pariss 11 years ago

We also had a good time using the kids as the pins. One team bowls while the other stands in as pins. If they are hit they can 'fall' onto the ground in a way that protects their team members still standing, provided they want to risk getting hit by the ball.

Posted by Jim 13 years ago

We do a large one like this but we us the kids as the bowling ball. We put them on an office chair (you know the ones with wheels) and then we push them down the ally. It is awesome fun. We do make them wear protective gear just in case, though nothing has ever happened.

Posted by mk 14 years ago

At camp, we used to use an earth ball and roll it down a big hill towards people, who were the pins. :)

Posted by Sally 14 years ago

The frozen chicken is definately the way to go. The cheap plastic pins you can get in toy stores work well.

Posted by funky fedaykin 15 years ago

We used the frozen chicken too. Ergh!

Posted by Christie 15 years ago

We once used 1.25l soft drink bottles and a frozen chicken as the ball. i thought it was gross but the youth loved it. haha

Posted by Mia 15 years ago

Hey this idea got my brain going!! Why not use an earthball and really make a giant bowling game? What would you use for pins, though?

Posted by Joyce Hedington 15 years ago
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