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Musical Boys and Girls

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How To Play Musical Boys and Girls

Divide the group up into girls and boys, but try to make sure that there is an even amount of each. Set up chairs in a circle all facing outwards, then get one gender (girls or boys) to sit on all the chairs.

From here on in, it's basically musical chairs... only the chairs have a member of the opposite gender on them so if you're rushing around the circle, dancing like crazy, you'll have to be careful when the music stops and you have to suddenly sit down on someone's lap. Alway provides a few laughs... especially when 2 players end up fighting over 1 seat!!

Submitted by Joel on 6 Oct 2007 12:00:00

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There has been a lengthy discussion going on about whether this game is appropriate to play at youth group. After lots of back and forth we can see that it's something that is ultimately up to the personal discretion of the youth group and youth leaders. For some youth groups this game may be OK to play and for others it wouldn't be helpful at all.

Some of the questions we all need to consider when we are choosing games to play at our youth group are things like: will it be helpful? Will it be encouraging? If you deem it to be an unhelpful or discouraging game, then maybe it's not for your youth group. And that's OK because, after all, the games on this website are all just ideas - take them or leave them. God bless.