Top ten team building games

Team building games and activities help a group of people learn to work with each, discover what each other's strengths and weaknesses are and just generally get to know each other better.

These team building games are great for doing that primary team bonding and growing. Whether for your youth group small group, a scout group, a sporting team, a corporate training event or something completely different - these top ten team building ideas should be a great start.

There are a lot of factors which help make up a good team building activity and to be honest I think using a variety of different ideas will work best in helping your team or group learn to work together. The main factors I've considered here are: whether the activity will bring out strengths and weaknesses, whether the activity will allow the group to form and discover roles, how easy it is to run and whether it will help the group bond together.

10. Creeping Closer

If one player makes a mistake and gets caught, it impacts the whole team. A good one will provides an interesting challenge for a team to work together to solve without talking out loud.

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9. Spot The Difference

A team's observation and memory skills will be tested. How will they work together to achieve the best result?

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8. Actionary

This team building activity gives each team member a short time in the spotlight. They have a chance to act, sculpt or draw and is often helpful in revealing hidden talents to the rest of the team. Recommended!

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7. Cup Stack Relay

This is a skills-based relay game. One player stacks the cups and the next player collapses them. A good one which allows individuals in a team a "time to shine" and allows the rest of the team a good chance to cheer them on and encourage them.

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6. Table Topics

Another quick and simple idea that doesn't involve a lot of prepartion. Might be good as a lunch time activity for your small group or corporate team. Give them some cards with questions and away they go...

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5. Mastermind

A problem solving activity like this allows a team a good opportunity to build dynamics. Who are the decision makers? Who are the leaders? Who are the masterminds? Can play this using a projector or try making a live version using colourd cardboard.

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4. Psychiatrist

A great game which allows a small group to work out how to communicate effectively and have a big laugh at the same time.

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3. The Tangled Chain

This game has a simple concept - form a tangled chain by holding hands and then find a way to untangle yourselves. It provides such a good opportunity for members of the group to think of solutions on the spot, and work out how best convey these solutions to the group. It's all about communication!

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2. Helium Stick

For a quick & simple activity, Helium Stick should be one of your go-to ideas. Simple premise and can be worked out really fast by the team but always provides a laugh or two.

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1. Team Architect

A classic group task like this allows each member of the team to step forward and find their role. It also allows a great opportunity to see the group dynamics come to the forefront - who are the loud ones, who are the quiet ones etc. For a simple and effective team building game, you can't go past Team Architect!

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