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How To Play Mastermind

The classic game of Mastermind works well when solved as a whole group. The whole group must work together to crack the code. Alternatively, divide the group into two teams and each gets to set a code and try to crack the other teams code.

The game, when played like this, is a good means to teach team work and problem solving.

You could try playing the game using a projector and the online version of the game found here.

Alternatively, you could create a big set of coloured counters using cardboard and get the game to be played interactively as a "live" version.

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on 12 November 2010
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Thanks Ryan... will give this one a go!

Posted by Carlynn 1 year ago

Well this was a disappointment. No instructions. Game should be called "Use Your Imagination."

Posted by Jon 4 years ago

The links are broken

Posted by Andrew 5 years ago

Hi guys. I've added back in the source website links - they had been accidentally left out when I was working on the redevelopment of the site. All good now.

Posted by Shorty 12 years ago

Hmm... that is weird. Not sure where it went. Anyways, it's at

I'll email the admin of the website and enquire what happened to the link.

Posted by Ryan 12 years ago

I'm interested, but I want to know how to play! Where is this link?

Posted by Stephen 12 years ago

What website?

Posted by Josh 12 years ago

If you go to the website you'll find instructions at the bottom of the page.

Posted by Ryan 13 years ago

Care to explain how the game is played?

Posted by Darrin 13 years ago
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