Chocolate Game

A food circle game

How To Play Chocolate Game

Materials Needed

Chocolate bar, dice, and various items for children to wear.

Place a chocolate block in the center of the table. The candy should stay in its wrapper and, to make the game last longer, you could wrap the chocolate block in layers of gift-wrapping paper as well. Each person sitting around the table takes a turn at rolling the dice. The 1st person who rolls a six gets to start eating the chocolate block -- but only after he puts on a pair of rubber gloves, a cap, facemask; an apron, and only after he runs once around the table; Then with only with a knife and fork he must remove the wrapper and cut and eat the squares of the chocolate one at a time. Add or remove whatever steps you want to make the game easier or more difficult.

While they is getting ready (according to the instructions above) to eat the chocolate block, the group keeps taking turns rolling the dice. If someone rolls a six, then the person who rolled the six before him relinquishes his right to the chocolate block, and the 2nd person must try to eat the chocolate before someone else rolls six. The game is over when the block of chocolate is finished.

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Great I will try this with my youth

Posted by Sampson Tetteh 4 years ago

hey we played this game at our youth group and it was so fun and everyone ecept me got 5 peices but we all got some peices at the end because there was some of the peices left

Posted by [email protected] 5 years ago

Hi Thanks you
It will be Awsome next Time In summer Camp

Posted by Jess 6 years ago

I love this site! So many great ideas. The comments section from the leaders is just as entertaining in and of itself as some of the leaders take such delight in going to great lengths to make the antics the kids have to perform even funnier!! i.e. "If you split the chocolate bar on smaller pieces you can force them to eat it with chopsticks."...TOO FUNNY!

Posted by Sandee 8 years ago


Posted by Iffy 9 years ago

If you split the chocolate bar on smaller pieces you can force them to eat it with chopsticks.

Posted by Kuba 10 years ago

That sounds cool, must try it

Posted by Tony 12 years ago

Oh, I'm excited to try this one with my youth group tonight! Thanks!

Posted by Zinnia 14 years ago

this game is a classic and works with everyone, we play it all the time

Posted by tally 15 years ago
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