Tim Tam Slam-Off

A relaxed food duel camp game

How To Play Tim Tam Slam-Off

Materials Needed

tim tams (for those who don't have tim tams in their country, they are a rectangular choc coated biscuit with a bit more chocolatey goodness inside), hot choc, hard-core tim tam slammers

Get the contestants to bite off two diagonally opposite corners of their tim tam..

They dip about 1.5cm of the biscuit in the hot choc (just enough to immerse the bitten off corner) and suck with the other corner. After about 20 seconds they should feel the hot chocolate enter their mouth and the biscuit start to crumble. They quickly shove it in their mouth and enjoy the goodness of the taste.

To make it a 'slam-off', you can either time how long someone can suck before their biscuit crumbles OR how much of their drink they can suck up through the tim tam....

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on 17 September 2008


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hello! how do you play? i never played it before. and by the way, do you like this game?

Posted by danm im floppy 2 years ago

Yea but its a dam good snack idea...psh, "Cathy"

Posted by Luke 12 years ago

this isn't really a game its a snack idea...

Posted by Cathy 13 years ago

imi place sa viziionaz tim taitams

Posted by nicolae samir gabriel 13 years ago
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