Relaxed music games for junior youth

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Animal Noise Game

A great ice breaker game which is sure to lighten the mood and get people feeling comfortable around one...

music junior icebreakers relaxed circle no-prep video-call non-contact play-anywhere cooperative quick no-mess no-cost

Sound Effects

Divide into groups of 5-6. Give each group a recording device and a list of sound effects. The object...

music junior relaxed play-anywhere up-front-duel long no-mess no-cost

Musical Chairs

A timeless classic kids party game! Set up some chairs in a circle (always make sure there is 1 less...

music junior relaxed large-groups circle play-anywhere all-on-all quick some-mess no-cost

Hot Potato

A classic classroom game that can be used as a brain break

icebreakers relaxed small-groups junior music play-anywhere all-on-all quick no-mess no-cost

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