Sound Effects

A relaxed music game for junior youth

How To Play Sound Effects

Materials Needed

several phones/laptops/tablets or any electronic device that can record sounds using a microphone

Divide into groups of 5-6. Give each group a recording device and a list of sound effects. The object of the game is for the teams to record the most realistic sounding effects they can produce. They can use their voices or anything they can get their hands on. Let them find their own places to work.

After all the teams are finished, gather the group together and play each sound at a time, letting the group vote for the best one. The sound-bites should be no longer than 10-15 seconds long. And be sure to instruct the groups to announce on the recording which sound they are doing (to avoid confusion) and to leave a space between recordings.

Some suggestions: a busy street, a girl lost in a thunderstorm, a forest with a babbling brook, a hospital, a marketplace, a construction site, a wild boar etc

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on 27 May 2008

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