Hot Potato

A relaxed, icebreaker game for junior youth and small groups

How To Play Hot Potato

Materials Needed


This quick-play game requires very little prep - just grab a soft throw ball and ensure you've got someone to operate the music/timer. It can be played with a small to medium sized group. Ensure the players spread themselves out around the playing area either in a circle or randomly.

The aim of the game is to not get caught holding the ball when the music/timer stops. To start, give the ball to a player and begin the music/timer. The player with the ball then quickly throws it to another player. This continues until the music/timer stops. Players will often move quickly however some players may like to hold onto the ball a bit longer to try to draw down the clock!

The game works even better with an automated music track with stops like this one on YouTube.

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on 11 January 2022

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