Key Game

An active team-building game for junior youth and large groups

How To Play Key Game

Materials Needed

A coin (50cent is easier to see), set of keys and a table

You can do this with any amount of kids you would like (min of 5 kids per team) the more that better i think.

Place the key in the center of the table, then line the teams up facing the table, standing at the end of the table holding hands. A leader stands at the other end of the line with the end person on each team facing the leader to see the coin.

The leader flips the coin lands on ether heads or tails:

Heads = nothing happens
Tails = the person on the end sees the tails and sends a quick squeeze down the line for the team and the person at that end gets that squeeze and grabs the keys as quick as they can. The person that grabs the keys wins that point.

Rotate the the teams and flip the coin again and it happens all over again. You can decide what happens with the false squeezes. It's really fun.


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on 22 September 2010

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Played a game very similar except instead of keys we would have a plastic cup with water in it and the team that got the squeeze first to the end of the line (and the coin is tails) had to grab the cup and throw the water at the other teammate, very fun :P the team that didn't get wet had to move players (so the one at the end would move to the start and push the other teammates down) and it was basically the team that rotates players all the way back to their starting position wins, if there was a false squeeze the team who didn't false squeeze got to move, great game :P my youth ask for it all the time

Posted by Joss 12 years ago
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