Newspaper War

An active game for large groups

How To Play Newspaper War

Materials Needed

Tons of scrap paper

Collect a ton of scrap paper (in most churches, just place a box next to the copier for 3 or 4 days!)

Have the group divide in half and strategically place themselves around the room. Give the room a middle border. They aren't allowed to move and there should be an ammo pile towards the back. Give them 5 minutes to crumble all their ammo, and then cry WAR! After ten minutes of throwing paper, whomever has the most on the their side is the losing team.


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Similarly we have played a game when everyone is divided into two teams and each team stands on either side of a dividing line. Everyone is given a piece of paper and told to make a paper airplane. When the signal is given everyone throws their plane onto the other teams side, then for an allocated time (can be as little as 30 seconds or as long as it is fun) everyone just tries desperately to pick up planes from their own side and throw them onto the other! Whichever team has the fewest planes on their side of the line at the end of the time wins!

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