Newspaper Hockey

An active team-building sports game

How To Play Newspaper Hockey

Materials Needed

news paper, wide sticky tape.

This is a fantastic game that gets even the quite kids involved. This game can be played with 10-25 kids per team. Best played in a large, in an un-breakable hall. Split the group into two teams and have each team stand along the opposite walls of the hall. Teams have to be even, so maybe a leader can jump in to even things up.

Make 4-6 bats per team out of "very tightly rolled newspaper" and very strongly held by packing tape. It is wise to cover these bats completely in tape so you avoid little bits of paper everywhere. It is up to you, and how big your group is, to how many bats you use, but place the bats in the middle of the room with a tightly bound news paper ball. Place two chairs at each end for the goals and number each person on each team from 1 up.

However many bats per team are in the middle is how many numbers you call from each team each round. Once a team scores a goal that round is over and you can start again.

Try and remember what numbers you call so that kids don't get left out (because they will let you know). And make sure to tell them which end each team is going before you start.

Enjoy. Keep up the great work for Christ our Lord.


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