Moshi Moshi

A relaxed no prep game for junior youth

How To Play Moshi Moshi

Materials Needed


This is the Japanese version of Telephone.

Sit in a circle. Pick one person to be "IT" - that person leaves the room. Everyone else picks one person to be the "Liar". Then the person who is "IT" comes back in and sits completing the circle.

The person who is "IT" whispers a rumour in the closest persons ear. Like, "Moshi moshi! Did you know that... Freddy has a big nose." (Picking a persons name and telling a funny thing about them.)

When you get told the rumour, that player responds, "I didn't know that!" And that player carries that rumour all around the circle. The "Liar" once told then changes the rumour. Instead of "Freddy" having a big nose, the "Liar" changes the name to someone else in the group. Like "Sierra has a big nose. Then that rumour is carried the rest of the way around the circle.

The last person to hear the rumour, says aloud what he/she heard. Then the person who is "IT" has one time to guess who the liar was. Is he/she guesses right, then the "Liar" has to be "IT" if not, then the person stays "IT". Recommended for 10 or more people.


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Kaysha Backus
on 1 October 2010

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I love the idea of this game! I will definitely play it.
However, won't the person who's 'It' just guess that the Liar is the person sitting next to the person who says the rumor outloud?

Posted by 12 years ago
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