Medic Dodgeball

An active game for junior youth and small groups and large groups

How To Play Medic Dodgeball

Materials Needed


To play this game you'll need to know the basic rules of dodgeball, so check them out here first.

Medic Dodgeball is a variation of normal dodgeball. Get each team to appoint one person to be the medic for their team. Make sure they keep it secret so the other team doesn't know.

When a player gets out instead of walking off the court they can stay where there are and duck down. Then the medic is able to come and tap them on the shoulder to revive them. As this is happening, the other team may work out who the medic is and try harder to get them out. Once the medic gets out, they cannot be revived and no other players on their team can be revived either.

This game can potentially go on for a while so best to keep it to shorter timed intervals.


second chance, healing

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on 29 May 2020

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