Matthew Matthew One One

A relaxed camp circle game

How To Play Matthew Matthew One One

Materials Needed

chairs, 1 for each player
1 super chair for Matthew

Players are numbered off: Matthew, Mark, Luke, John, 1,2,3,4,5,6 etc.
Matthew sits in the super chair. This person starts clapping, two claps on legs, two claps with fists (more quiet)
Matthew starts by saying "Matthew Matthew, Number Number" where number is the number or book that he/she send it to, say five. Then Five says "Five Five, Two Two" .
Just say someone makes a mistake or fouls - i.e. gets out of rhythm, says the person next to them, says the person who sent it to them, claps incorrectly, speeks out of place. - Then they stand up and goes down to the lowest number. everyone below that person stands up and moves up one number so that thier number changes.
The aim of the game is to get to matthew and stay there.

Variations -
1. Matthew can speed up the rhythm every time it get back to them.
2. If someone sends it back to whoever sent it to them both are in a lock, they must keep on sending it to each other until someone makes a mistake/fouls.


Added by
Nick van Ruth
on 19 September 2007

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We play this game except for we do it a little differently. We call it Matthew, Mark and instead of two claps on legs, two claps with fists we slap knees, clap, click with left hand then click with right hand. And we speak on the clicks so Matthew would start off saying Matthew John on the clicks and then John has a slap and a clap to get ready what he is going to say on the clicks. This gives everyone just a little bit more time as this game is often quite confusing and hard to begin with so this gives extra time to work it out.
But great game, i love it.

Posted by Maria 13 years ago
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