Matthew Mark Luke John

A relaxed camp circle no prep game

How To Play Matthew Mark Luke John

Materials Needed

Chairs for each person playing

Each person has a chair. Put 4 chairs in a row (or use a couple couches), the rest in a circle - works well with a range of players. The four on the sofa, or in a row, name off as Matthew Mark Luke and John, carrying on, all others number off, 1, 2, 3, 4 etc. The last person is sitting on the other side to Matthew. Make sure everyone knows their name or number.

The basic action for each person in the game is:
slap their knees then
claps their hands together,
then click right hand fingers,
then click left hand fingers,
SLAP,CLAP, RIGHT, LEFT and get a rhythm going.
Do this now when you are reading this !!!

Matthew always starts and says "ready" and all start SLAP CLAP RIGHT LEFT 2 or 3 times until all are in rhythm.
Matthew says when slapping "Mathew"
Matthew says when clapping "to"
Matthew says when right click "7" (or any number)
Player 7 only has the left click to react.
Player 7 then says when slapping "7"
Player 7 says when clapping "to"
Player 7 says when right click "Luke" or any number or name

If you don't react fast enough you are out. Stop the actions
All with a higher number than you stand up and move up one seat and you go to the end (next to Matthew)
The number stays with the seat not the player. Name and number off again with new seat numbers. Matthew starts again. The aim is to end up on the sofa.
A lot easier to play than describe
A great time when you are filling an unknown period of time as you can just call LAST Round when it suits you.


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Petra Meeson
on 29 June 2011


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Gonna try this in my youth lead Christian union!! I already know its gonna be fun :)

Posted by pops 1 year ago

This is similar to The name of the game is First Sound...right?

Posted by Brent 3 years ago

I imagine the name of this game came from a church youth group; Matthew, Mark, Luke, John are the first four books of the new testament and the Gospels. It would have been a good way to learn the books of the Bible.

Posted by Brown 5 years ago

Here is a youtube video of a similar game:

Posted by Kristy 5 years ago

Thanks for this information! I will try this game with the kids. God Bless!!

Posted by Miriam 6 years ago

I also grew up playing this in elementary school music class, it is also widely known as "CONCENTRATION" so if you don't understand it just google a youtube video ;-)

Posted by Chris 6 years ago

I know a very simplified form of this game in which you don't have to SLAP, CLAP and SNAP. Instead of Matthew Mark Luke and John we just have Peter and Paul and rest have the numbers. To play Peter starts by saying: Peter calls 7 (or any other number) and the person whose number or name is called has to respond immediately. If you don't respond immediately you lose your position and have to go to the end of the circle.

Posted by Benjamin Idowu 6 years ago

I have played this before. The only difference was that we used animals instead of numbers. So, I will explain it using animals.

Basically a leader starts the rhythm....SLAP (both hands hit both legs...CLAP (you know how to do this!)...SNAP (fingers on right hand)....SNAP (fingers on left hand). Now you have to match your words to the rhythm of the movements. "Elephant to Giraffe" When you say "Elephant" you are slapping your legs. When you say "to" you are clapping. When you say "Giraffe" you are snapping your right hand. Then, while you are snapping your left hand...the giraffe has to realize that he has been called on and get ready to respond by then next slap.

Hope that helps!

Posted by Heather 7 years ago

I don'tc understand the game

Posted by Daniel 7 years ago

What do you mean "click" fingers? Did you mean "snap"

Posted by Kollie 8 years ago

I was wandering if an actual video can be put up of the youth playing this game.

Posted by Alice Englin 8 years ago
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