Gold Rush

An active wide camp game for large groups

How To Play Gold Rush

Materials Needed

Cones, Face paint, tennis balls, buckets, crates

So I like to call this game capture the flag and freeze tag on steroids!

How the game works is there are two teams and they are indicated by face paint (you can use something else to designate a team's uniform if you want to). Each team is trying to get their "gold" (colored tennis balls) back to their own side. The first team to get all the gold back to their own side wins.

1. All the Tennis balls start in a bucket on each side of the field of play, they must be diagonal from each other. each team also has a crate as well which is in the opposite corner of the bucket. The sequence is always bucket to crate. Which means you always take from the bucket on the other side and bring it back to your crate.

2. The field is lined with cones for boundaries with a line of cones in the middle. each team has their own side. when they are on their own side they are safe. But once they cross over to the other side they can be tagged by the other team and be frozen where they are and sit down. They can be unfrozen by another person from their team running by and tagging them. Once they are tagged free they put their hands on their head and walk back to their own side before they can try again. If they have a piece of gold when they are tagged they must give it to the person who tagged them. They will then put it back in the bucket.

3. if you are going for a piece of gold and make it to the end line on the other side, you are now safe and cannot be tagged. you may walk freely in the end zone, but once you step out of the end zone you can be tagged.

4. You may not hide any tennis balls in your clothings, pockets, or hair (its been done before). you may not throw the gold because gold is heavy you must always walk or run with it.

5. If a tagger tags someone with a tennis ball they must. return it back to the bucket. when they are returning it to the bucket they cannot tag anyone else.

6. If you successfully make it across the middle line with a tennis ball you are now safe and must put the gold in your teams crate. Just like a tagger if you have gold and are putting it in the crate you cannot tag anyone.

7. If someone chooses to free one of their teammates from the other side they may do so with or without a tennis ball. But once they free someone they can still be tagged. They are not safe. You can free multiple people at a time.

8. Going out of bounds is equal to be tagged. They must come back in. bounds and sit where they went out of bounds.


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Emily Lucas
on 16 June 2021

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