Get To Know You Hey!

An icebreaker, memory, circle game for large groups

How To Play Get To Know You Hey!

14 Jan 2022 - This is an updated version of "Get To Know You Bang"

This is the "get to know you" edition of the youth group game called "Hey!". You'll need to know the general rules of Hey! to understand this game so it's best to read them first:

Read the rules for Hey! (also known as Bang).

Firstly get everyone in the circle to say their name, their age and their favourite hobby. Once you've done this you can begin.

For round one, let everyone know that before saying "hey" they will need to say the name of the person who gets pointed at. For round two, you could try saying the age, and for round three, you could go for the hobby.

It may get tricky for kids to get it right because they will often say the name of the person they are looking at, not the person who ducks down.


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bang... and then point... like a gun then???

Posted by charlene 3 years ago

Read the instructions to Bang, then this will be clear. It's a great variation.

Posted by Nic 6 years ago


Posted by Esther 6 years ago


Posted by kjrt 7 years ago

Read the instructions to the original game first. It will make much more sense.

Posted by Allie 9 years ago

For those who don't understand: One person (or teacher) stands in the middle and and will suddenly point at a person in the circle. The two person on either side of that person have to say that persons name. The person who was pointed at ducks. Whoever says the name first stays in. Anyone who messes up or says the names slower has to sit down for the rest of the game.

Posted by Anon 10 years ago

So for those commenting, my guess is that after you have gotten everyone to say their name, age, and hobby you randomly point at someone in the circle. That person then ducks down and the person on either side of them turn to each other and in round one have to say the name of the person in-between them. I gather the person who gets it right first stays in the game and the other person sits down. At least that is how I'm going to attempt to play it.

Posted by Jim McIntyre 11 years ago

I dont understand how it works.

Posted by Anon 11 years ago


Posted by mikay 11 years ago

I dnt get it

Posted by Shadae 11 years ago

Who ducks down and when?

Posted by Bonnie 11 years ago
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