Celebrity Articulate

A team-building, relaxed, icebreaker game for large groups

How To Play Celebrity Articulate

Materials Needed

Paper, pens, hat or container

If you've ever played the famous board game "Articulate" then you'll love this game.

It usually is easier to set up and play within a smaller group, but it can still be really fun to play with a big group.

1. Get everyone to write down 10 names on 10 different pieces of paper. 1 name must be their own, but the rest can be celebrities or bible characters etc.

2. Get the group to sit in a circle and split them up into 2 groups. Every second person will be on the same team (ie. the people sitting directly next to you are on the opposite team).

3. Put all the name papers into a hat or bowl and mix them up.

4. Time to play! Pick a person to start and they get 1 minute for their turn. They need to pick a random name from the hat and explain to their team who it is without saying the name or any part of the name. (ie. If it was "Michael Jordan" they could say "Famous basketballer" but couldn't say "basketballer with last name jordan" etc.) If a fellow team member guesses correctly, they score a point and pick another random name and repeat the process. When 1 minute is up their turn is over and play moves to the next person in the circle.

If the player doesn't know who the person on the paper is and can't describe them, they may have 1 pass per turn.

5. Once the round has been completed and all the names have been used, then you can play another round but this time the players can only use 1 word to describe the person. And a third round can be played with the players acting out (without speaking) the person. It sounds hard, but since all the players will know the names from the first round, it will be easier.


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on 22 June 2010


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really exciting game

Posted by fanna 11 years ago

very good game

Posted by meera 11 years ago

its a really awsum game=OP

Posted by cayla 12 years ago

its taboo :D

Posted by 12 years ago

I played this game with my youth group last Friday and it worked really REALLY well. The kids honestly loved it. We had a group of 15 and we all put 5 names in (including our own) and that seemed to last for an entire round (everyone had a go) but instead of 1 min per person we did 30 seconds.

2 potential changes you might like to consider:

- Put in a rule which states you can't describe a player by where they're sitting.

- Really encourage the kids to be creative with who they put in. We had lots of Michael Jacksons, and John Howards!!

Posted by Shorty 13 years ago
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