Body Parts

An active no prep game for junior youth and large groups

How To Play Body Parts

Materials Needed

microphone or megaphone

Teens should pair off. The oldest person of the pairs should go to the middle and make a circle. The middle circle will walk counter-clockwise. Then the younger of the pairs will make a larger cirlce outside of the older ones. The outside circle will walk clockwise. Then the leader should call out two body parts, such as ear to knee. Each pair must find each other and put the two body parts togerther. For example, the older partner must put their ear to the knee of the younger partner. Last pair to find each other is out. Circle back up and keep going.

Fun combinations: nose to toe, bum to bum, pinky to nose, ear to ear, etc. Have fun!


Body of Christ


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on 16 November 2008


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We recently played this game at my youth group, and I have to say that I wasn't a fan. I'm rather glad that my partner wasn't very enthusiastic about it and we eliminated ourselves quickly. A lot of the combinations seemed gross or downright inappropriate, like, should the church really be promoting such things? One of our parings was even opposite genders, so that just felt downright weird to me.

Posted by Anonymous 11 months ago

I love Craig's comments!

Posted by Andrew Rogers 8 years ago

WOW!! some are pretty gross!.. these are good ideas but what is the moral or point to each icebreaker?? besides getting to know each other...

Posted by Katy 13 years ago

this is great! i'll try this one on our youth camp!

Posted by lara 14 years ago

or at least keep in mind not to do inappropriate body part combinations
We played this at teen camp when I was in High school... it was a blast, the combinations kept getting grosser and grosser as the game went
The best combinations I can remember were toungue to ear, tounge to nose, nose to armpit, and big toe to mouth, gross but hilarious!
And it's hard to discribe the joy that one feels as a youth pastor watching your teens rip their socks off/their teemmate's sock off to be the first to shove the toe into the mouth, it almost makes you want to cry you get so proud!

Posted by Craig 14 years ago

keep in mind you may want to encourage same sex pairings for this one.

Posted by Jax 14 years ago

hey, you Aussies are pretty fun!

Posted by Chris Brown 15 years ago
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