Human What's Missing?

A relaxed, icebreaker game for junior youth and large groups

How To Play Human What's Missing?

Materials Needed

Large Sheet, Tarp or something to cover whole group with

This is a great game for learning names and getting used to each other. It's based on the whats missing game, where you place random objects under a sheet, secretly remove one then get the kids to guess what is missing- this is the same but with the kids as objects!

Choose one child to be the guesser. the rest of the children lie, sit, curl up on the floor, then place a sheet over them (at this point the kids start to get giggly). Ask the chosen child to go to another area so they can not see or hear what happens next. tell the children under the sheet to choose one person to leave. Have that child hide somewhere.Place the sheet back over the remaining children. Ask the guessing child to come back, remove the sheet and ask them 'Who is missing?'

If you need to have two groups- girls and boys. This is best for younger children and it is best if leaders/teachers don't play under the sheets too- don't think that's legal :)also make sure the kids can breath through the sheet.

I played it with my kids group at church and it worked really well.


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