Marshmallow Games

Marshmallows are yummy little soft puffy clouds of Deliciousness. Great in hot chocolates, great in rocky road chocolate, great roasted around a campfire and great to play games with. Whether your hosting a messy food games night at your youth group, organising games for your kids birthday party or deciding on some fun icebreaker games for a team building session - these fun marshmallow games will go down a treat. There's even enough variety here to have a whole games night dedicated to the theme of marshmallows if you want!

Marshmallow Dodgeball

Marshmallow dodgeball is a variant of the dodgeball rules. It's best if the kids wear dark coloured clothing. When...

food active play-anywhere multiple-teams quick some-mess under-20-dollars

Marshmallow Bowl Run

Fantastic running messy food game but shouldn't create too much mess depending on how many marshmallows fall onto the...

food active play-anywhere cooperative standard extreme-mess under-20-dollars

Spaghetti and Marshmallows

Give each team a packet of spaghetti and a packet of marshmallows. The team that builds the tallest spaghetti...

team-building small-groups icebreakers artistic large-groups play-anywhere all-on-all quick no-mess under-20-dollars

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