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Captain's Orders

This game is excellent for a competitive group. It tires everyone out really quickly and can provide a good...

drama camp active large-groups no-prep video-call non-contact play-anywhere cooperative quick no-mess no-cost hot-topic

House of Cards

Pretty much self explanitory, as the name suggests - get each player/team to build a house of cards....

small-groups mini-olympics duel relaxed non-contact indoors up-front-duel quick some-mess no-cost

Take Two!

This is basically a quicker, more action-packed version of scrabble! Get 4 players (or possibly 4 pairs/groups) to each start...

duel relaxed non-contact indoors up-front-duel quick no-mess no-cost

In The River

All you need is a straight line - like a rope or a hose or a line on a...

junior duel relaxed active large-groups no-prep non-contact play-anywhere all-on-all quick no-mess no-cost

I Am Going To And I'm Bringing

This is a guessing game. If there are fewer than ten people in the group, one person thinks of...

relaxed circle video-call non-contact play-anywhere cooperative standard no-mess no-cost

Bible Rap-Off

Create two groups of as many as possible and give them a long bible verse each. Tell the two...

music memory duel drama relaxed team-building video-call non-contact play-anywhere multiple-teams quick no-mess no-cost hot-topic


First of all elect a adjudicator to go into the other room. A topic is chosen i.e. Food,...

team-building small-groups memory relaxed video-call non-contact indoors all-on-all standard no-mess no-cost

Beanbag Toss

Mark a line and then arrange a collection of targets a few metres away. The targets could be buckets,...

mini-olympics duel camp small-groups relaxed non-contact play-anywhere all-on-all quick no-mess under-20-dollars

How Low Can You Go?

Players use stats to compete against one another. Great for video calls.

non-contact relaxed small-groups large-groups no-prep duel video-call play-anywhere all-on-all quick no-mess no-cost

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