Zip Bong

An icebreaker no prep game

How To Play Zip Bong

Materials Needed

preferrably a group of 5 or more people

Stand in a circle and cover you teeth with your lips, almost as if you were impersonating an elder person. one person will start and they will say "ZIP" while keeping their teeth covered . DO NOT LET YOUR TEETH SHOW. IF YOU DO THEN YOU ARE OUT. saying "ZIP" keeps the game going clockwise. if someone in the circle wants te game to reverse, they say "BONG" (while still keeping their teeth covered). if you let your teeth show then you are out. HERE IS THE FUN PART. if you are pronounced out, you then go around the outside of the circle and distract those still playing. whisper things in their ear or repeat "ZIP" or "BONG" over again in their ear to get them to mess up. whoever is lef still in, wins.


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on 12 October 2012

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this game is so enjoyable :)

Posted by cielz 11 years ago
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