Your Choice

A food duel game


How To Play Your Choice

Materials Needed

2 blenders, various items of food, disgusting and nice.

Write out a list of questions with only 2 answers being available, eg. ?Do you like dogs or cats.? Ask each child an equal number of the questions, with each child receiving a different question. Each of the answers has a food connected to it which will be put into a blender for them, according to which answer they choose. An option would be to have a nice food for one answer, and a disgusting food for the other answer. It's a good idea to have both children having the same food for their answers, but mix it up a bit so they don't know what they might get.
At the end of the questions and answers, blend up the contents, pour it out into a cup, and have the contestants drink it. The winner is the child who finishes their cup first.


Every choice you make has a consequence.

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on 19 July 2011

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This is the best game idea ever!!!!!

Posted by George girl 8 years ago
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