Drink Your Choice

A food duel game

How To Play Drink Your Choice

Materials Needed

blenders, various items of food, disgusting and nice.

Write out a list of questions with only 2 answers being available, eg. "Do you like dogs or cats?" For each question, ensure you have two different ingredients associated with the answer. The ingredients could be directly related (ie. dog food and cat food for the previous question, or they could just be completely unreleated like flour and cocoa). An option would be to have a nice food for one answer, and a disgusting food for the other answer.

Get a number of volunteers up the front and begin asking them the series of questions.

The first part of this game can be played in two ways:

Have a blender (or clear jug) next to each volunteer. Once all volunteers have answered a question, have a leader come up to their container and add the ingredient associated with the answer they picked. This shows them the stakes and gives them instant feedback on the answer they picked. It may even make them think twice about future answers.

Behind the scenes you'll have someone preparing the contents to be blended for each volunteer, depending on their answers.

At the end of the questions and answers, blend up the contents, pour it out into a cup, and have the volunteers drink it. The winner is the volunteer who finishes their cup first!


Every choice you make has a consequence.

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on 19 July 2011

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This is the best game idea ever!!!!!

Posted by George girl 12 years ago
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