Wiz Bang Bounce

A relaxed, drama, memory game for small groups

How To Play Wiz Bang Bounce

Materials Needed


Its as if you have an invisible ball you are passing around the circle.

there are a few different moves you need to learn.
you have to say the word and do the action for each.

Wiz - one arm scoop/push/passing a ball in the direction you want to pass the "ball"

Bang - opposite arm than the direction the ball has come from straight up with a closed fist.

Bounce - two hands together pushing down as if bouncing something

alley oop - opposite arm than the direction the ball is coming in up in the air and curved (like a half o shape)

chit chit bang - hands clapped together and shaking and on bang you point to someone

the aim of the game is to pass the 'ball' around the circle and if people do the wrong move or take too long they are out.

Wiz - is a normal pass to the next person in the direction your hand 'throws'

Bang - changes the direction of the 'ball' player must continue play in the other direction.

Bounce - is used as a skip, it will jump over the next person and go to the next in the circle in the same direction

If you are bounced over it is acceptable to Alley Oop - which is where you take the 'ball' mid bounce and change direction, and skip over the person that just attempted to bounce over you.

Chit chit bang - an additional move which allows you to pass across the circle. you can either chit chit bangall in one move and pass to anyone across the circle or just single or double load (chit or chit chit) before passing the wiz on around the circle.

This games is heaps funny the quicker you get and great for an intro games for small groups.

It takes a bit of explaining to get the actions right so I suggest only adding one move in at a time until it goes around the circle.


Added by
Nicole Mugford
on 24 January 2013


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players pick whatever move they want to do in whatever order.

players get out if they do the wrong move or are too slow to respond.

Posted by Nicole Mugford 10 years ago

do you call out the words of what to do next or does that player just pick and the next person has to act accordingly?

Posted by Laura 10 years ago

I haven't been any to find one online anywhere, and dont have one of my youth because of our social media policy. If i find one i will post it.

I encourage one instruction at a time :)

Posted by Nicole Mugford 11 years ago

Is there a video of this game?

Posted by 11 years ago
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