What Are the Odds?

A relaxed icebreaker camp no prep game

How To Play What Are the Odds?

This is an excellent game for groups of daring youth. It's a bit hard to explain, but it is easy to get into the full swing of it.

One person gets to start. They select someone in the group and challenge them. It would go like this: if the name of the person selected was Ryan, the starting person would say, "Ryan, what are the odds that you'll chug this water bottle in one go?" or some other dare like that.

The person responds, "1 in *states number anywhere from 2 to 10*." Another person (or, if there are two people, one of them) counts down from three, at which point both will shout a number between 1 and the selected number. If they both say the same number, the selected person has to go through with the dare. When they accomplish it, they can choose another person for a different dare.

If they say different numbers, the selected person gets to pick another person for a different dare.

This is optional, but it might be fun to use: If both the numbers they say add up to 10, the person selected has to go through with the dare.

Plus, if the dare is really too disgusting or embarrassing, it can be refused.

Here are some sample dares to get you started.
"What are the odds you'll ask someone random if they have any grapes?"
"What are the odds that you'll shout 'you're a wizard' in the middle of a crowded street?"
"What are the odds you'll open this soda can using only your tongue?"

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Short but perfect explanation! That's exactly how you play it. I really love this game, you can play it wherever and whenever you want, that's so great about it!

I wrote some more sample dares on my site, if you're interested:


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