Walk the Chalk Maze

An active non-contact game for junior youth and small groups

How To Play Walk the Chalk Maze

Materials Needed


Find a big concrete area that's suitable for drawing on with chalk. Using pencil and paper, design a challenging maze. Make sure there is a start and finish (obviously) and a few dead-ends too. Once you're happy with your maze design, use big sidewalk chalk to draw it up. The bigger the better! Make sure you make the maze walkways big enough for players to walk in.

Depending on how many players you have, it could be played in a few different ways.

One Player At A Time - This is perfect for super young children who are just happy to have a turn even if they're seen others solve the challenge already. Just let them line up and send them through one at a time to see how quickly they make it out of the maze.

Individual Hidden Time Trials - For slightly older children, you may not want them watching each other complete the maze as that will spoil some of the fun. Have another group activity going on separately and call kids over to do the maze challenge one at a time. Time each player and see who has the fastest time at the end.

Here are a few ideas for variations to the standard chalk maze game.

Escape the Middle - Everyone starts in the middle of the maze with their eyes closed. On "Go!" players must open their eyes and try to find their way out of the maze as quickly as possible.

Synchronised Maze Challenge - If you've got enough room, you can draw two of the same mazes side by side and get kids to race each other to see who can finish first.

Extra Obstacles and Challenges - Why not include some puzzles to solve in the maze and make it more of a group activity. One player can go through the maze with the rest of their "team" helping them solve the puzzles from the sidelines. The puzzles could include having certain checkpoints the player must reach in a certain order before they can exit the maze, or maybe even have a clue they need to use to find all the letters to spell a secret word. Be creative here and see what you can come up with.

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