Unlimited Ping Pong

An active mini-olympics sports game for large groups

How To Play Unlimited Ping Pong

Materials Needed

2 long tables
1 ping pong ball
a paddle for each player

Push the long sides of the tables together so you have a large rectangle with a long seam down the middle.

Line up your group. (We count off just to cement in our heads who hits the ball to us, but numbers aren't used).

Have the players take up a position around the tables,(though you won't stay in that position, there is alot of moving around the table and trying to stay out of each other's way.) Player 1 rolls the ball down the table serving to player 2, then the person after player 2 goes, then on and on.

The rule is, the ball must hit the ground once before you serve it back up onto the table. The ball must also hit the table. Remember who you go after, because you'll need to be opposite them as they serve the ball to you.

Points in this game are bad. You don't want to accumulate them. However, if you miss, if the ball doesn't hit the ground once, or if it hits more than once, or if the ball doesn't hit the table, you get a point. If you get a point, you then take the ball and roll it down the table to the person who was to go after you. Get 5 points, and you're out. Or, shorten this game and just limit it to 3 points and you're out. The game goes until only one person is left.

Our youth leader made this game up and it can go on and on and on, so leave time if you have a large group.

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on 6 June 2009


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Posted by honey 9 years ago

My interpretation is that there is no net and it doesn't matter how many times it bounces on the table, the next person just needs to be ready to hit it back up on the table after only one bounce off the floor.
We are having a ping pong night this week so I'll give it a go. Our hall has a carpet floor, probably not as good as a hard floor.

Posted by Stuart 11 years ago

Yeah I've heard it called "Donkey" before. Everytime you make a mistake you get a letter and if you get all the letters in Donkey you're out.

I'd say it's basicalloy Round the World table tennis though.

Posted by Shorty 12 years ago

these instructions are a little confusing, it sounds a bit like round the world table tennis though???

Posted by Jocelyn 12 years ago
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