Ultimate Frisbee

An active team-building wide sports game

How To Play Ultimate Frisbee

Materials Needed


Divide the group into 2 teams.

Create a playing field with 2 "end zones" which are essentially rectangles marked out with 4 cones on each end.

The aim of the game is to get someone from your team to catch the frisbee in the end zone.

To start off the game, each team stands at their end zone and one team throws the frisbee all the way across the field to the other team. They can let the frisbee land and start playing straight away from there, or they can catch it and play on - however if they drop it, the other team gets to take possesion.

When you have the frisbee you can pivot, but can't take any steps. If you throw it to someone and it hits the ground in any way, even if the other team hits it out of the air, then possesion swaps to the other team.

To defend, a player may stand in front of the person with the frisbee and obstruct their throwing path, but cannot physically touch them. The defender can start counting to 10 and if they reach it and the attacker hasn't thrown the frisbee yet then possesion swaps.

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on 2 March 2010


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This is such an interesting game and perfect for some outdoor physical activity. Thanks for sharing and explaining the game so well. It seems so much fun!

Posted by Jenjo Games 2 years ago

This game sound so much fun and you have explained it so well. Thanks for sharing this idea with us!

Posted by Jenjo Games 3 years ago

we play this at night with glow in the dark frisbees and colored glow sticks to designate team mates, kids love it!

Posted by preacher 11 years ago

This was a really fun active game. When playing make sure everyone joins in or it won't be as fun.

Posted by Eilish 13 years ago
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