Two Truths And A Tale

A relaxed, icebreaker, circle game for small groups

Also known as: Two Truths and A Lie

How To Play Two Truths And A Tale

For this great get to know you game, each person must make three statements about themselves, one of which isn't true.

For example: I have two brothers, I was born in Australia, I have a motorcycle.

This works best when you give the group some time to think of their statements, and write them down if they need.

Once one person makes their statements, the rest of the group must guess, or vote on, which statement is the tale. You could play as a team, or individually. It could work well to get each group member to write down their own answers and see who gets the most correct.


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on 16 June 2008


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My kids came out of their shells and had fun! I was able to give this description to my leaders to explain to the kids and it went well.

Posted by Madi 4 years ago

Lol 😂

Posted by Troy 5 years ago

Really want to try with yg friends...

Posted by Crr 5 years ago

Posted by jamal 5 years ago

Starting a young 13 to 18 year old youth. Needs more ideas to build relationships

Posted by Malcolm 5 years ago

When we played it the leader asked who wants to start? If nobody wanted to, the leader would start it. We learned about their likes and dislikes, how many is in their families, hobbies, etc. It opened good conversations that had not happened before. With a new group you need to suggest ideas for them and tell them to name something nobody knows about you.

Posted by R 5 years ago

I have liked the game and will be using it. thank you

Posted by kamatali Ruth 7 years ago

Ii love this game !!!!!!! thanks

Posted by lisa 8 years ago

I used this game on a youth group and they liked it very much.

Posted by Lala 8 years ago

this is a great game! I used it in a small group meeting and it was an instant hit. I actually played this game with someone Im dating and we had many laughs. This game can be played with any group size.

Posted by Kiauna 9 years ago

wooow i love it! we have new guys at our youth group. wil try this tonight. thnx!!

Posted by emily 9 years ago

really don't understand the concept of the game how do u move after they write the 3 things about them

Posted by Richard 9 years ago

I will try this tommorow in our workshop

Posted by Audrey Seru 10 years ago

Thanks a lot this is a great get to know you game

Posted by 11 years ago

Thanks so much! Needed an ice breaker for my church youth group meeting tomorrow and this is great!! Might integrate sweets into it to make it more interesting..! :)

Posted by JC 11 years ago

I want to try this game in youth co church..this is my first time to do it..

Posted by joan 11 years ago

thanks its help to me

Posted by nomazuluma 11 years ago

Oh i tried it last Saturday and it was fun......the students really enjoyed it.......

Posted by 11 years ago

OMG, thank you so much. I'll be using it today :) It is exactly what I was looking for. God bless, xoxo <3

Posted by Sarah 11 years ago

I am going to tutor 7th graders this coming Saturday, 10/27/2012. I am trying to find which icebreaker would be useful....So I found this game....Let me try it out this Saturday and have post on it...

Posted by Shorty 11 years ago

its good i have to try o my students

Posted by lakshmi 11 years ago

this one did not work good for my group of boys around 12 11yr old boys they got bored with it fast haha

Posted by chris stone 11 years ago

i didnt try it, i have this idea for my group

Posted by smiley 11 years ago

ddnt try it yet, but i think its a great thing fo my group,we have new gals every week,cnt wait to try it out!

Posted by Connie 11 years ago

i have plaed this game meny of time i will always playet to get to now new people

Posted by tim 12 years ago

Can you give me a detailed version for this game. If i were to leave it for someone to play, they would be able to relay it back to the children.

Posted by emily 12 years ago

i am a child and youth care practitoner it was hard at first for me to get to know my youths at first, but after playing this game with them it was so awesome they all opened up because of this game. i think friends and family should play this game sometimes its really fun and you can communicate well with people around you that you dont know them that well and this game breaks the ice and it helps. GREAT GAME !

Posted by yahabibi 12 years ago
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