Matchstick Truth or Lie

A relaxed, icebreaker game for junior youth and small groups

How To Play Matchstick Truth or Lie

Materials Needed

matchsticks (five per player)

Before playing, designate two actions for 'true' and 'false' (such as hands on heads or hands behind back) and hand out five matchsticks to each player. When it is a players turn they say their ONE STATEMENT about themselves (true or false). There is then a countdown (usually by the Youth Group leader) at which point the youth do the action which they believe reflects the statement said by the player. The player then reveals the correct answer and those who got it wrong must give the player one of their matchsticks. Once everyone has had a turn get them to count up how many matchsticks they have, the player with the most wins.


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on 11 April 2011


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I think this game is cool, but I would give everyone candy instead of matchsticks, so whoever has the most candy at the wins the game and the candy!

Posted by Amy 11 years ago

cool game

Posted by sneha 12 years ago
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