Two Legged Race

An active team-building duel camp game

How To Play Two Legged Race

Materials Needed

Velcro (Depends on how much students you have), Hula Hoops (Get a variety of colors), Rubber Cones (Get a variety of colors)

How to Play: Partner up pairs of two (Usually an older kid and a younger kid.)

Velcro the partners legs together. Let them all practice walking around for about 3 minutes.

Once the race starts, make sure all students are behind the line that you made.

Assign each pair a color for their hula hoop and rubber cone.
Ex: Stephanie and Adelyn are the color Red. They will go for the red hula hoop and the red rubber cone.

Partners will grab the hula hoop and walk to the end, where there will be a hula hoop throwing contest.

Make sure all pairs are behind the line that you made.

Partners will now have to throw their hula hoop at the right colored rubber cone.

Ex: Jimmy and Mark are the color Green. They will have to throw their green hula hoop over the green cone.

The first partners/pair to make the hula hoop over the cone wins.

Additional Rules:
- If any pairs Velcro falls off, they will have to strap it back together, which sometimes can be quite hard.
- If a pair throws the hula hoop over the cone and the cone falls over, it doesn't count.

Hope you enjoy this game! ;)


Race, Tied Up

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on 5 August 2013

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This is a good game especially if you want to involve the parents (youth plus parent) for this game. We'll try it tomorrow! Thanks :)

Posted by nic 7 years ago
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